Everyday Life Inc. - Residential Treatment Center      We Still Make Dreams Come True
Mission Statement
To provide a safe, sanitary and nurturing environment to its residents.  These residents are afforded the opportunity to reach self-awareness in a structured environment, which allows privileges as they relate to a systematic behavior program.  To provide counseling and support necessary to strengthen families and unite children with their family of origin or a permanent family whenever possible.

 Facts About Center
  • Established in 2001
  • 501(c)(3) Non-For-Profit
  • Located in the Brazos Valley
  • Capacity to serve 44 boys, ages 08-17

Future of the Children
The foundation of core values, independent living skills, as well as social skills that are learned at Everyday Life provides each child with a bright future.  Focusing on academic and vocational opportunities, they are able to prepare themselves to earn a living and become productive members of the community.

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