Everyday Life Inc. - Residential Treatment Center      We Still Make Dreams Come True
In order to best serve our clients and families, Everyday Life strives to:
 ·         To create a diverse environment, which is safe, respectful, nurturing, supportive, tolerant and positive for all.
 ·         To provide the highest quality residential, educational, clinical and case management services.
 ·         To emphasize individual growth while promoting positive social attitudes.
 ·         To utilize the expertise and talents of all staff and foster professional growth.
 ·         To efficiently manage program resources, while holding each other accountable for managing our own responsibilities.
 ·         Instill a sense of pride in the Bryan community.
Everyday Life is an organization deeply committed to providing empathetic care and the highest quality of services to children and families in need.
Everyday Life is a community of professionals whose community values are :Accountability, Safety, Caring and Respect .
Since 2001, Everyday Life has taken great pride in leading the Human Services field toward an innovative, family-focused treatment model resulting in shorter stays, family supports and permanency planning.
Everyday Life also accepts in-kind donations of:
·         Books
·         Software
·         Computer Equipment
·         School Supplies
·         Toys
 ·         Electronics
 ·         Holiday Gifts
 ·         Art Supplies
We also graciously accept tickets & discounts for student trips like:
·         Special Event Tickets
 ·         Movie Tickets
·         Sporting Events
·         Community Plays and Musicals
 ·         Music Lessons
·         Holiday Festivals
·         Carnivals
 ·         Amusement Parks, etc.
These are off-grounds activities; in particular, help our youth to feel connected with the community and their peers.Thank you for your interest in contributing your support for Everyday Life's mission.
If you have questions about Everyday Life giving programs or alternatives, or the appropriateness of an in-kind donation, please do not hesitate to contact Cedric Payton at cedricpayton@msn.com or 1-866-335-7821 
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